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  1. I would recommend AMS to other practices; if one person isn’t able to address our needs, they always direct the call to the person who can help.
    Pediatric Group
    South Georgia
  2. AMS understands that we are the reason they are in business, and they are always there when we need them. This has not been the case for our other support organizations.
    Family Practice Clinic
    North Florida
  3. AMS’s expertise, professionalism and timely manner in getting our office turned around and back on our feet (after working with another support organization) was impeccable and outstanding.
    Family Practice Clinic
    South Georgia
  4. We really like the AMS EDI solution, the turnaround time is just a matter of days. Claims can be worked and processed easier and faster. Our insurance clerk has worked on other EDI solutions that do not offer all the features of this product; she loves the AMS EDI solution.
    Family Practice Clinic
    South Georgia
  5. I would recommend AMS to other practices. They provide reliable customer service.
    OB/GYN Clinic
    South East Georgia
  6. I will always be available to discuss the positive impact AMS has had on my ability to manage a practice and to discuss the gratitude I have towards the staff, who never make you feel anything except important and appreciated.
    Pediatric Clinic
    North Florida
  7. It would be one thing to give this type of recommendation if I had done this with AMS only once, I have moved to different locations in Florida. Nothing has changed… the product AND the people are the best I have ever worked with….
    Office Administrator
    North Florida
  8. I worked on another product and it was horribly slow; support took days to call back. I suggested AMS,  we streamline the practice and worked more efficiently. I would recommend AMS to anyone. The personal touch with knowledgeable staff is vital to operating an efficient practice.
    Neurology Clinic
    Central Florida
  9. I have been in the medical field for 25 years and have used numerous support companies. I have used AMS for 10 years and they have proven to be the most efficient and helpful company I have worked with.
    Office Manager
    Family Practice Clinic
  10. I would recommend AMS to other practices because the support is local and they help us any time we call, whether over the phone or by making a site visit.
    Office Manager
    Pediatric Clinic
  11. AMS has supported us for 10 years and if there is ever a problem, they fix it immediately; and we have had very few problems.
    OB/GYN Clinic
    South East Georgia
  12. I have worked at three different practices that were supported by AMS and none of their systems were ever “down”.
    Office Manager
    Neurology Practice
  13. If you’ve ever had good service from a vendor like AMS and then switch to another vendor, it will not take long to realize what you had. Believe me; I know from experience, AMS is the BEST!
    OB/GYN Clinic
    South Georgia
  14. I have been through 3 conversions in the past 7 years, as I have moved to different locations in Florida. Nothing has changed… the products AND the people are the best I have ever worked with…
    Office Administrator
    Jacksonville, Florida
  15. AMS is different from the other vendors we have worked with. AMS has an experienced staff and reasonable support fees, unlike other vendors we’ve had. I would wholeheartedly recommend AMS to other practices.
    Office Manager
    General Surgery Clinic
  16. Many times AMS has shown great patience with my staff and me while resolving issues. I cannot say enough about AMS and would highly recommend them to anyone.
    Office Manager
    Orlando, Florida
  17. You will not find any other support/service company that ever compares to AMS. They get to know their clients and “cater” to their clients’ needs.
    Family Practice Clinic
    North Florida
  18. AMS provides a quick response to any problem. They know their stuff.
    OB/GYN Clinic
    South Georgia
  19. Before working with AMS we worked with another vendor but their support was not as timely; they always had to come to the office for repairs which resulted in additional expenses and downtime.
    Pulmonary Clinic
    Southwest Georgia
  20. I have worked with Automated Medical Systems since December 2002. I cannot offer enough praise for the dedication and integrity of the company and the staff.
    Office Administrator
    Northeast Florida

  21. After working with AMS, it’s frustrating to work with other vendors. We are used to getting help with problems. Other vendors put us off or minimal help. It’s frustrating. I would definitely recommend AMS to other practices. They help you immediately; they don’t put you off until later.
    OB/GYN Clinic
    Over 15 Years AMS Customer
  22. Software is only as good as your support. When we signed on with AMS they delivered everything to us that they had promised and then some.
    Family Practice Clinic
    South Georgia
  23. There is no comparison to the support and service provided by AMS. AMS offers friendly, courteous service and is always available to help resolve an issue. I would absolutely recommend AMS because customer service is their primary goal.
    Office Manager
    Pulmonary Clinic
  24. I was so impressed that I made the deal before they left my office on the day of the demo, and NEVER regretted it! Not only did the system work better than expected, the transition was extremely smooth, and we had full support from that point on.
    Pediatric Clinic
    North Florida
  25. The EDI service provided by AMS has drastically cut down on the amount of time our office spends following up on the status of insurance claims.
    Pulmonary Clinic
    Savannah Georgia
  26. AMS has the same employees helping me today as were helping me in 2004, when they first became our computer support vendor.
    Office Manager
    Neurology Clinic
  27. AMS is an extension of our office staff; they are “in the office” when we are “in the office”. Our computer problem is their computer problem and they take their problems seriously.
    Family Practice Clinic
    North Florida

Solution Spotlight

Practice Management

MicroMD® PM: Comprehensive, Award-Winning Practice Management Software
A proven, full-featured practice management system, MicroMD PM offers scheduling, patient information, billing, integrated EDI solutions, advanced reporting, mobile solutions and much more among smaller practices and larger groups, and across the spectrum of specialties.

MicroMD PM consistently ranks at or near the top in peer-driven software reviews from organizations like KLAS Enterprises

Based on more than 25 years of innovation, MicroMD PM is a client-server system with remote access. It’s easy for staff to learn and scalable enough to support growing practices as their needs change.

Today, MicroMD PM serves thousands of physicians in organizations ranging from solo practitioners and large multi-specialty groups with multiple locations to MSOs, billing services and community health centers.

MicroMD PM Features Include:

  • Manage appointments with ease and precision
  • Intelligent waiting lists and alerts
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Reporting based on patient check-in/check-out and more
  • View schedules by day, week, location and provider
  • Customize slot lengths, color coding and other practice parameters
  • Capture and manage patient data efficiently
  • Scan patients picture, identification card and insurance cards
  • Powerful task management, messaging and patient accounting tools
  • Automatic recall
  • Referral tracking
  • Temporary registration for new patients
  • Contact manager
  • Generate personalized letters, reminders, labels and other communications
  • Define custom data fields for unique patient tracking and reporting
  • Simplify billing and accelerate payment
  • Enhanced charge slip tracking and charge posting
  • EMR integration for fully-automated charge capture
  • Quick, accurate payment posting options
  • Easy statement generation
  • Capitation tracking
  • Manual or electronic payment posting
  • Integrate into leading Electronic Medical Records for completely automated charge capture
Community Health
  • Discover a unique value proposition
  • UDS reporting
  • Sliding-scale fee calculation
  • Integrated dental practice management
  • Wraparound billing
AR and Collections
  • Organize and prioritize workflows for revenue enhancement
  • Alert-driven accounts receivable management
  • Customizable collection letters
  • Automatically populate claims, appeals or patient collectibles work lists
Claims Management
  • Leverage intelligent, integrated EDI solutions
  • Convenient patient eligibility verification
  • Continuous, automated claims tracking
  • Real-time claim status inquiry
  • Electronic remittance advice from clearinghouses for multiple carriers
  • Insurance payment profile and fee update
  • Gain operational and financial insight
  • Measure actual day-to-day operations and identify trends to drive efficient administration, process improvement, compliance or other efforts.
  • Generate financial reports to help you assess accounts receivable, manage month-end close, analyze payer mix or protect cash flow
  • Dynamic management, financial and administrative reports
  • Rearrange, sort, expand and collapse the data in MicroMD PM’s dynamic report layouts to view the level of detail you want.
  • Export reports to Excel or Access database formats to share or analyze further.
  • Display report data in graphical formats for at-a-glance review or for use in presentations
  • Hundreds of standard reports
  • Adapt your software for your expertise
  • Used by 42 different medical and surgical specialties
  • Special features for anesthesiology billing
Mobile Solutions
  • Access patient data where and when you need it
  • Handheld device options
  • Wireless prescription writing and charge entry
Advanced Security
  • Control system access for peace of mind
  • Customizable access management and security
  • Audit trail maintenance
Systems Integration and Interoperability
  • Expand your practice management options
  • Interfaces for and integration with Word, Excel and more
  • Connectivity with leading Electronic Medical Records systems, lab services, clearinghouses, automated telephone reminder systems and more